2140 Routt Street | Denver, CO | 80215
Renovations By: Vega Architecture
Original Architect: James Ream

Built 1963, Renovated 2009; 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2000 square feet

The house was originally designed by the award winning architect James Ream, FAIA in 1963. Vega Architecture was asked to add a deck, remodel the kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom and other smaller areas around the house.

Vega Architecture was thrilled with the opportunity to remodel an incredible example of modern architecture. Within the first five minutes on site, it was immediately apparent that the power and clarity of the original design was not only still relevant, but in fact, it continued to push current thinking of what architecture can be. There were no problems to fix, just spaces to enhance. We were committed to a design approach of respectfully expanding on the design intent of the house, while doing so in our own language.

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