90 Cessna Dr. | Erie, CO | 80516
Architect: studiotrope Design Collective

Built 2008; 3-bedroom, 5-bath, 3000 sqft above grade residence + 2600 sqft lower level + 3800 sqft aircraft hangar all on a 3 acre site

Flanking the north side of the Erie Airpark runway, the house resides on a three-acre site offering unobstructed views of the Rocky Mountains. The lot is so close to the landing strip, that 2/3rds of the property is un-buildable due to air right restrictions enforced by the FAA. These restrictions, although invisible, weighed heavily on the resulting architectural form of the residence. The client for this residence is a spinal surgeon who had recently acquired her pilot’s license prior to purchasing the property. This led to two conceptual drivers for the architectural form of the residence. First, the program was overtly organized along a spine, or armature, which literally separates/connects the hangar to/from the house. Second, the notion of ‘controlled risk’ became the criteria for determining volume, materials, connections, voids, circulation patterns, and views.

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