1441 S. Clarkson St. | Denver | 80210
Architect: Angelo Marasco
Interior Design/Product Sourcing: Nancy Marasco

Built 2008; 4-bedroom, 3-bath, 2600 square feet

We designed and built a 2600 SF modern home on a small urban lot in metro Denver. Our objective was to build a highly crafted home using a variety of sustainable design principles and green products, including structural insulated panels. We bought our property in a walkable community — Denver’s Platt Park neighborhood. This neighborhood has become very desirable in the last few years as it includes a variety of hip restaurants, cafes, boutiques, library, park, light rail stop, and a Whole Foods all within walking distance.

With large glass windows and doors from front to back, there is a strong sense of connection with the outdoors. The home is open, airy, with unobstructed views from street to rear patio. The home was designed to maximize natural day lighting and ventilation, as well as thermal comfort and efficient use of space. Almost every company and product we selected embraces eco-sensitive technologies and strategies to the extent that they were affordable. The home was built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) that provide nearly double the insulating value of a standard 2 x 6 wall. We designed and specified every single element before putting it out to bid, which helped us achieve a project that was on budget and on time. The simplicity of the design, along with an efficient layout, and refined material choices make this home both inviting and comfortable.

Design concepts included:
• Design naturally lit spaces while still providing privacy from neighbors
• Simple open floor plan with visual access for the main first floor spaces
• Indoor/outdoor feel and visually open all the way through the lot
• Use of energy saving technologies/products
• Use of natural and long lasting materials
• Design for function

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